Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I never thought.

I miss Ana. I've tried to avoid her for so long, but it's no longer working. I blame myself for everything anymore. I've lost weight, even though I started trying to live without her, but it's not enough anymore. I still feel as though things won't get any better. And, go figure - I'm depressed, and seeing a therapist.

No time like the present to try and resolve my problems with Ana and follow her advice again. I've missed her so much. It's tiresome to always worry about how I look, but I want to feel like I mean something again. I want to be able to constantly try on clothes and them be bigger on me every day. I miss it.

I'm going through all the blogs I follow tonight, and those that follow me and just catch up on how everyone else is doing. Hopefully good, because I plan to get back on here and check up on everyone again. Just like old times.

Think Thin. <3