Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fiber Challenge

I was so upset this morning! When I woke up and weighed myself, I was at 150! I was like, "What the hell? How did this happen?" Well, I went to the gym and worked out like mad crazy, and when I was about to leave I weighed myself again, I was at 147.2, and omg. I thought I was going to cry. Ha, in a good way! I kind of binged last night on some cheetos, you know? The hard kind? Ah, it was fantastic for that moment, but then I wanted to never eat again because I was so upset with myself. Considering that I lose more weight when I eat something with fiber, or drink something with fiber, I think it's okay for me to continue to eat, but only eat high fiber and very little of it.

Now! Any of you out there who are having trouble losing weight, listen to this. I understand how hard it is to be Ana, and sometimes you just feel like you have to eat. So I have an idea for any of you out there willing to forgo the idea of being Ana as only a disorder in which you do not eat. First you have to start eating; but not a lot. Every morning, since we all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you eat something full of fiber. I'm talking foods like:
§ Bananas
§ Fiber bars (FiberOne)
§ Cup of FiberOne cereal

That sort of thing. After you eat this, don't eat anything else for the rest of the day unless you eat negative calories such as lettuce, celery, broccoli, carrots, etc. You get what I mean. And while you work through this, drink mostly water or diet green tea throughout the day. And may I add that I've found that the best brand of diet green tea would have to be Lipton. It's simply perfect. The exact name for the drink is Diet Lipton Green Tea with Citrus. It helps you to go to the bathroom more often and you also get cleaned out. It's much healthier than drinking anything that isn't water. (Although, I'll admit I drink a little bit of G2 almost everyday!)
If you decide to try this, only try it for a week. If it does not show you some results before 5 days are up you should probably stop. Not everyone can use this. Some people, it may work, or it may cause a weight GAIN which none of us want. I think because I exercise so much, and have my body moving and my bowels (gross) moving so much throughout the day, I can lose the weight easily, plus I have a lot of weight to lose. Others who are somewhat closer to their goal weight should probably stick to not eating unless they just eat negative calories when they need to.
And once again, I have some questions. First, whenever you're out with your family and they know you haven't eaten during the day and you can't say you're sick and don't feel well, what kind of excuses could I use? Second, when my friends start to notice I'm losing weight, what do I tell them? And finally, if someone I know notices what's happening, like puts together the fact I never eat, wear a red bracelet and seem to be losing a lot of weight and they tell someone what they think, what do I do? Should I ignore them? Or should I try to make up excuses? I don't understand how I would work with it. The last time I dealt with Ana I didn't have to worry about any of this because no one really paid any attention to what I did because my weight was always fluctuating, but since I've kept most of this weight on a couple of years, people will surely notice a difference.

Well, if anyone decides to try the Fiber Challenge, let me know. Otherwise and in other news - Next week, beginning Monday I'm going to fast for a week. Anyone want to join me? (:

Keep Your Thoughts Thin, girls. <3


  1. Wow, that's really quite inspirational :)

    I might just take you up on your Fiber plan; I'll see if I can steal a couple of bananas when my mam's not looking, haha. Of course I'd only eat one a day, and then stick with the water after that :)

    But for now, I think I'll stick with my water fast.

  2. I know what you mean. Most mornings I have coffee and a banana. Really good, especially on rare occasions I add a little creamer.

    ...sorry here I a m obsessing over food. Gah!

  3. That sounds pretty good, i'm going to try it. I'm half deciding against juice fasting because it metabolism slow down drastically. so this sounds pretty darn good to me. I'm hooked on apples and these roasted seaweed packs (they replace chips so well!)at only 40 cals a pop. I used to have these other ones that were only 10cals a pack, but i can't find them anymore so i've got these. oh look at me rambling, it's like i have a second blog! LOL. Off to write the monday update, good luck!
    Scarlet <3