Saturday, September 19, 2009

Starving For Perfection

I messed up big time yesterday and ate a doughnut, but when I woke up this morning - thanks to the amazing set of diet pills I've been using combined with all my working out and vitamin supplements, I'm down another three pounds! I'd forgotten how good starving feels. And best of all, no parents home today to make me eat! I'm like, beyond happy right now. As soon as I stepped on the scale this morning, I had a bad feeling I'd weigh like 5 lbs more than yesterday, so I was shocked to see I'd lost weight. This means I'm a total of 7 lbs down from when I started this journal! Yay!
As for my plans for today:
- Going back to sleep for a couple of hours.
- Driving into town to shop (I need to get some pants I can't fit into that are super expensive; it'll help keep me motivated!)
- "Lunch with Matty" (my friend, he won't notice me not eating)
- Going to the movies (I have to see the Time Traveler's Wife!)
- Spending the night off, hopefully
I'm so psyched that I lost that weight. My friend and I have made a bargain that after we both lose at least 10 pounds, we'll go out to celebrate. I will not be eating nasty calories that will take weeks to work off and just make me even bigger than I am now. I mean, maybe I'll get some fro-yo (which is so much better for you, and has way less calories than ice cream, you should try it!).
Oh! And I'm going to start posting a proAna song of the week - the song I find has helped me the most that week.
Week 1 - "Never Good Enough" Rachel Ferguson <3

Keep Thinking Thin. [:

[And if you need support, I'm here. I need it too, but I'm more willing to help others at the moment. I feel so in control (which is totally saying something) and I'd love to help. Message me, and I'll give you my personal e-mail and cell number, so we can text. Stay strong girls, keeping Thin.]

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  1. Hey, I can't be a txting buddy (mi dad would kill me for so much txting! Lol) but you can email me: and i check my email most everyday at the very least every other day. I'm juice fasting 4 days a week and i lost 7lbs this week, so fasting most deff. works. Be careful tho, one blackout at teh wrong time and you'll be toast. keep u'r fluids up and if you feel weak drink some oj or something to quickly spike your blood sugar. And be sure to check out my blog, it's in mi links.
    Think Thin!